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With traditional insulation products, one of the primary places energy can escape from is your attic. At Sutton Energy Solutions, we offer energy efficient upgrades for your attic that can help you save energy and obtain higher levels of home comfort. Our upgrades can also shrink your carbon footprint while putting money back in your pocket each month. Using the latest home energy technology, we can help improve your quality of life and comfort just by upgrading your attic insulation!

Cutting Edge Technology for State of the Art Attic Insulation

Reflective barrier insulation is an environmentally safe product that can help homeowners in their efforts to go green. Reflective barrier insulation is a highly reflective material. In the summer, it helps reduce cooling costs by reflecting radiant heat. When used in the attic, reflective barrier insulation can prevent heat loss in the winter, so the heat stays inside your home.

Our new technology for attic insulation stops 97% of radiant energy from passing through the mass insulation on the attic floor. Reflective insulation helps control the temperature of the attic to stay cool in the summertime and prevent the formation of attic hot spots during winter months. This can also prevent the formation of ice dams on the roof during winter weather by allowing snow and ice to melt evenly with the rise of outdoor temperatures, and not as a result of warm air escaping the home.

Just one layer of our patented technology reflective barrier can help save homeowners money each month and reduce their furnace or air conditioning usage throughout the year. This differs from other, more traditional forms of insulation, which require extra thick layers in order to stop or slow down temperature fluctuation within the home, especially in the attic.

Reducing Heat Loss

Your attic is a great way to start saving money. Attic floor insulation does not change actual attic temperature, it instead affects the conditioned living space by keeping hot air out in summer and storing heat in the winter. Through mass insulation in the floor, a 5.5 R-Value can be attained in the floor which stops 97% of the radiant energy from passing down to the rest of the house.

attic insulation

However, mass insulation only slows down transfer of heat. After a while the heat will make it through the mass insulation. Heat rises when radiant energy attaches to moisture and becomes lighter than surrounding air. It's a fact that heat rises, and, when looking at adding insulation, most people think of adding more to what they already have. However, if you have to add 6" of insulation to what you already have, that must mean that you have already been losing heat through the existing 6". So why would you want to put more of a material that only slows down heat loss/gain on top?

Micro-E goes in rafters and reflects heat away from the attic, therefore lowering attic temperature. Also, during winter months it keeps heat inside of the house rather than melting snow on the roof and allowing ice to form. This also helps in areas where ice damming, which occurs when the snow on a roof melts at a rapid rate causing the moisture to store under the roofing material only to freeze yet again, is a bad problem. Ice and water shields only patch a problem. Low-E™ helps solve it!

Low-E stops heat gain/loss which is helpful in all seasons of the year. Unlike mass insulations, one layer of Low-E™ will not absorb heat, it will reflect it. This upgrade could help you add a few years to your roof.

Environmentally Responsible and Safe for Homes

At Sutton Energy, our products are certified environmentally friendly, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and made in America. We care about the environment, so all our products are made from recycled materials and are safe to use in your home. With proper installation, our eco-friendly reflective barrier will prohibit mold and mildew growth and is also bird and rodent proof, to ensure that your attic is fully protected all year round.

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Our goal is to help South Carolina homeowners improve their energy efficiency, save money and help save the planet, one home at a time. Our home improvement experts are fully equipped and experienced in residential remodeling and home improvement. To find out more about upgrading your attic with reflective barrier insulation, contact us today for a free quote!

I have been amazed at the difference in temperature between the outside and the inside. For several weeks, I only had a space heater. The temperature in my office never got below 58 degrees, even though the outside temperature was in the mid 30s. Now, that the weather has moderated, I rarely use my mini-split.

I must admit that I was a little concerned that such a thin product would be as effective as it is. I am very pleased!!

Robert P. | Business Owner