Creating an energy efficient basement can often be a challenge. Moisture problems and heat loss can make basements inefficient and costly throughout the year. At Sutton Energy Solutions, we use cutting-edge insulation technology to improve basement functionality while simultaneously increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

Basement Insulation

Why Standard Insulation is Ineffective

Standard insulation can cause a variety of problems when installed in a moisture-rich areas like your basement. By trapping condensation against the walls, insulation can become a home for mold and mildew. In addition, traditional insulation only slows the seepage of cold and hot air into your home, so the basement is still often uncomfortable and difficult to maintain at a reasonable temperature. Inconsistent temperatures in your basement can affect the rest of your home, significantly reducing energy efficiency.

Why Reflective Barrier Insulation is the answer

Reflective barrier insulation is not vulnerable to moisture problems which makes it perfect for use in basements. When installed by the experts at Sutton Energy Solutions, reflective barrier insulation can reduce temperature fluctuation throughout the year by as much as 97%. Typically, reflective barrier insulation is installed between the rafters on the basement ceiling, to protect the rooms above it from radiant heat loss and gain. This creates a protective shield between the basement and the rest of your home.

Discover the Difference

At Sutton Energy Solutions, we use energy efficient, eco-friendly products to increase energy savings while reducing your home's carbon footprint. All of our products are made with recycled materials and come with a 20-year unlimited warranty.

Sutton Energy Solutions was built on a firm foundation of offering the highest quality products and services backed by a reputation of honesty, integrity and credibility. We work directly with homeowners to create energy saving solutions that increase your home’s efficiency throughout the year. All of our products are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, so they're safe for use in every home.

Discover the difference with our quality products and top-notch customer service. Contact us to get started with your basement upgrade today.

I have had reflective insulation for nearly two years and I am still satisfied with the performance of the product and the work of the good performance. Kim Sutton and the Sutton Energy Solution's teams work ethic, management techniques and organizational leadership was apparent and clearly demonstrated by their work crew's performance. I highly recommend their services.

Charles L. | Homeowner