Checklist for Energy Saving thru Efficiency and Conservation

  1. INSULATION UPGRADES - Attics, walls, basements & crawl spaces. Radiant, Blown & Sprayed Insulations are available.
  2. UPGRADE WINDOWS, DOORS & SKYLIGHTS - Replace those old single pane windows and skylights, and those vintage wood or metal doors. Look for modern insulated Models.
  3. OUTDOOR SOLAR MOTION SENSORS - No need to keep an area unnecessarily lit up.
  4. INSTALL A SURGE PROTECTOR - STRIP OR WHOLE HOME PROTECTION - Stop full-time power usage during part-time use.
  5. PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT - Customize temperature ranges - programed to cut on only when needed.
  6. SEAL THE LEAKS - CREATE AN ENVELOPE - Fill all the loose cracks and gaps in and around your home. Walls, windows, doors and outlets.
  7. NEW - SMARTER APPLIANCES - Efficient and Energy Star Rated only.
  8. SOLAR PANELS/SOLAR WATER HEATERS - Stop those high electric bill payments Buy the system for yourself.
  9. LOW FLOW TOILETS & SHOWERHEADS - Cut back on the water bill payments.
  10. WINDOW GLAZE & PUTTY - Can't afford new windows? Here is your alternative!
  11. WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE - Old School. As long as your home is insulated properly This will do the trick.
  12. INSTALL CEILING FANS - These move the air - cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter.
  13. CHANGE AIR FILTERS REGULARLY - Keep your system running efficiently with a clean Filter. Not over work the compressor.
  14. SEAL HEATING AND COOLING DUCTS - Vacuum tight ducts mean savings by shielding the compressor from over working.
  15. ENERGY STAR ROOF SYSTEM - Special Metal and asphalt surfaces perform by diverting the heat out of your home.
  16. WATER HEATER WRAP - Prevents standby heat loss by as much as 45%.
  17. ON DEMAND WATER HEATER - Decrease your water heating bill up to $40.00.
  18. LED LIGHT BULBS - Use 75% less energy and they last longer. Shop wisely and read the labels.
  • Checklist for Energy Saving thru Efficiency and Conservation
  • I have had reflective insulation for nearly two years and I am still satisfied with the performance of the product and the work of the good performance. Kim Sutton and the Sutton Energy Solution's teams work ethic, management techniques and organizational leadership was apparent and clearly demonstrated by their work crew's performance. I highly recommend their services.

    Charles L. | Homeowner