Checklist for Energy Saving thru Efficiency and Conservation

  1. INSULATION UPGRADES - Attics, walls, basements & crawl spaces. Radiant, Blown & Sprayed Insulations are available.
  2. UPGRADE WINDOWS, DOORS & SKYLIGHTS - Replace those old single pane windows and skylights, and those vintage wood or metal doors. Look for modern insulated Models.
  3. OUTDOOR SOLAR MOTION SENSORS - No need to keep an area unnecessarily lit up.
  4. INSTALL A SURGE PROTECTOR - STRIP OR WHOLE HOME PROTECTION - Stop full-time power usage during part-time use.
  5. PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT - Customize temperature ranges - programed to cut on only when needed.
  6. SEAL THE LEAKS - CREATE AN ENVELOPE - Fill all the loose cracks and gaps in and around your home. Walls, windows, doors and outlets.
  7. NEW - SMARTER APPLIANCES - Efficient and Energy Star Rated only.
  8. SOLAR PANELS/SOLAR WATER HEATERS - Stop those high electric bill payments Buy the system for yourself.
  9. LOW FLOW TOILETS & SHOWERHEADS - Cut back on the water bill payments.
  10. WINDOW GLAZE & PUTTY - Can't afford new windows? Here is your alternative!
  11. WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE - Old School. As long as your home is insulated properly This will do the trick.
  12. INSTALL CEILING FANS - These move the air - cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter.
  13. CHANGE AIR FILTERS REGULARLY - Keep your system running efficiently with a clean Filter. Not over work the compressor.
  14. SEAL HEATING AND COOLING DUCTS - Vacuum tight ducts mean savings by shielding the compressor from over working.
  15. ENERGY STAR ROOF SYSTEM - Special Metal and asphalt surfaces perform by diverting the heat out of your home.
  16. WATER HEATER WRAP - Prevents standby heat loss by as much as 45%.
  17. ON DEMAND WATER HEATER - Decrease your water heating bill up to $40.00.
  18. LED LIGHT BULBS - Use 75% less energy and they last longer. Shop wisely and read the labels.
  • Checklist for Energy Saving thru Efficiency and Conservation
  • I have been amazed at the difference in temperature between the outside and the inside. For several weeks, I only had a space heater. The temperature in my office never got below 58 degrees, even though the outside temperature was in the mid 30s. Now, that the weather has moderated, I rarely use my mini-split.

    I must admit that I was a little concerned that such a thin product would be as effective as it is. I am very pleased!!

    Robert P. | Business Owner